About HEFA

Higher Education Financing Agency (HEFA) is a joint venture company of Canara Bank and Ministry of Education GoI. HEFA provides financial assistance for creation of educational infrastructure and R&D in India’s premier educational Institutions.

Our Mission Statement

To provide timely finance at low interest rates for capital assets creation in india’s higher education institutions and supplement it with grants by channelizing CSR funds from the corporate and donations from others.

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Term Loans for Educational Institutions in creating:


1.New Infrastructure

2.New R&D Facilities

3.Renovating Existing Infrastructure

4.Any other Capital Expenditure



1.Focused lending to educational institutions

2.Quick Sanctions

3.Competitive ROI

4.Project Monitoring system to ensure efficient fund usage

5.Well-structured escrow mechanism for repayment

1.Prior approval for loan/project from concerned Ministry/bureau.

2.Register your Institute and Submit Loan Application.

3.Due diligence and Loan Appraisal.

4.Sanctions and Documentation.

5.Institution opens Escrow Accounts.


7.Repayment through Escrow mechanism.

1. HEFA is a Section 8 Not for Profit Company. Our profits are reinvested back into lending.


2. HEFA is a great opportunity for corporates to have a stake in this venture and supplement GoI’s efforts in promoting Research and Innovation in India’s premier educational institutions and to partner in   R & D projects.

3. Individual/Corporate subscribers who subscribe to equity of not less than Rs.50 crore will be nominated to Apex Advisory committee of HEFA.


4. HEFA will also accept CSR funds which would be released for research & innovation in the premier institutions and under IMPRINT, UAY, FAST etc., of GoI.

Enabling Higher Education Infra

We finance in creating a world class foundation for India’s educational infrastructure.
Infrastructure Projects in Education
Financing World-class R&D Facilities
Competitive Interest rates
Channelizing CSR funds

Why HEFA ?

The HEFA will mobilize resources from the market by way of equity from individuals / corporates and by issue of bonds to finance the requirement.

Support educational institutions in India by financing their capital expenditure for developing quality infrastructure.

Encourage scientific and technological developments by supporting R&D facilities for conducting high-quality research.

To increase investments in educational institutions and to improve their global rankings.

To channelize CSR contributions from companies and donations for various schemes in uplifting higher education.


The funding under HEFA will replace the current grant assistance by GOI for infrastructure projects in premier educational institutions.


HEFA would be able to fund larger basket of institutions as compared to grants approach. Top class infrastructure can be created in quick time so that the country realises the potential of its demographic dividend in a faster time frame.


All the Educational Institutions set up/funded referred by concerned ministries would be eligible for financing their capital expenditure from HEFA.

Discover our Process

Our loan application and repayment process is technology driven to ensure quick sanction and disbursement of loans.

How to Apply

1. Approval of project for the loan from HEFA through concerned ministry/bureau.


2. Create your Institutional account through the Login and Apply for the loan from there.


3. Submit the Loan Documents.

Loan Eligibility

All the centrally funded educational institutions under Higher Education, School Education and Institutions, under Ministry of Health eligible for finance for its following Projects.


    • Construction of buildings or facilities therein, required for academic or research purposes, including the requirements for accommodating students/scholars/faculty/staff of the institution.


    • Setting up laboratories/high performance computing (HPC) facilities/libraries and equipping them. These projects need to be accompanied by detailed plans for utilization of such facilities.


    • Research projects that are sanctioned by MoE or any other Ministry of Government of India. The cost of maintenance shall be borne by the institution from the resources generated through such project.


    • Setting up Centres of Excellence (CoE) sanctioned by the MoE or other Ministries of Government of India.


    • Campus common infrastructure/facilities including student facility centres. Only the non-recurring portion in these loans will be financed.
How to make repayment

HEFA has created an innovative and easier way to make repayments to loans through an escrow account mechanism.


1. Institute opens escrow account through the partner banks.


2. Principal repayment of the loan will b fully/partly by the institute depending on their window of financing.


3. Interest/Principal on loan to be paid by the government will be serviced through grants to loan account.


4. MoE will assess the performance of each institution on a continuing basis and fix a period beyond which servicing of interest shall also be taken over by the institution in part or full.