Loan Details

Application ID: 74

Name of the institutioniit test
Contact No.8625078564
Proposed loan amount from HEFA50000000
Institution CategoryIIT
Address of main and other campusesddsfdwqeqwe
Date of Establishment2019-03-15
TAN No.sersre
PAN No.serrse
The Principal functionaries of the institution
Date from which functioningrsesr
Contact details (Mobile, Email)rsesr
Contact details (Mobile, Email)
Board of Governors
Sl No.rsser
The details of funding from the Government during the last 3 years
Amounts in grants received12300
Amount spent2013
Amount spent2013
Budget Allocation for Institute for the current financial year as per your letter
OH 314
OH 354
OH 364
HEFA Loan4
Grand Total4
If OH 31 not applicable enter loan amount recommended by the ministry for HEFA loan
Document Reference560001
Total Project Cost560001
Recommended Loan Amount560001
Amount committed to be escrowed to HEFA for the next 10 years: (10% of loan amount)5000000
Details of ongoing Projects (Rs in Crore)
Name of project22
Cost of project22
Amount already spent22
Balance amount required22
Finance from HEFA22
Date of completion22
Present status in %22
New Projects requiring funding from HEFA (Rupees in Crores)
Name of project1
Cost of the project for Bldgs/Civil structure1
Cost of the project for Equipments1
Term Loan required1
Area under constn. (in sqmtrs)1
Period for execution (in months)1
Expected Date of Completion02/04/2019
Repayment Period in years1
Status of the project (Admin/Tech approvals)1
Project Execution Agencies1
Purpose and Justification for taking up the project including the details of the number of beneficiaries from the project. (Rs in Crores)
Project Name1
Project Cost123
Purpose/Requirement of projectasdad
Present Bankers
Name of the Bankdaasd
IFSC Codeassdadasd
Loan (Existing & Proposed)
A. With Other Banks
Name Of the Bankdasdasd
Loan Sanctioned1
Present Liability1
Purpose Of Loandadad
Loan (Existing & Proposed)
B. With HEFA
Loan Sanctioned1
Present Liability0
Purpose Of Loan1
Documents Uploaded with the Application
PAN of Institution11.PNG
TAN of Institution12.PNG
Cover Letter from Director for Loan from HEFA13.PNG
KYC documents of authorized signatories
Authorization letter from Institute1.PNG
Photo of the Authorized Signatory1 (1).PNG
ID proof of the authorized signatory1 (2).PNG
Letter from Ministry conveying the project is approved through SFC/EFC Route to be financed by HEFA14.PNG
Resolution to borrow from HEFA by the board of directors15.PNG
Detailed Project Report Approved by the Ministry/MHRD. If more than one DPR upload separately. (Upload in PDF/Word format)
1 (3).PNG
The letter from the Ministry recommending the window in which the loan shall be considered; and also committing adequate funds for servicing the HEFA loan through OH-31 through the Internal and Extra Budgetary Resources [IEBR] of institution as the case maybe.
1 (4).PNG
Annexure 2 in Excel format duly filled with all required information. (in excel format).
Total project cost, amount so far spent and the balance cost certified by the chartered accountant for ongoing projects.
Statement of loan account with other banks (if any) for the past one year if any.
Details regarding steps to enhance existing capacity utilisation, revenue generation strategies, revenue generation from the assets created project wise.
Brief details of the project including the area to be constructed, equipment to be procured along with the broad specifications.
Cost/estimates of the project as per administrative approval by the competent authority. Vendor details, Status of all approvals along with cost per sq.ft (in case of construction).
Modalities for procurement and execution of the project.
Systems for Project Management and Monitoring of quality and progress
Systems for maintenance of the project including resource generation.
The method and timelines for selection of Agency(ies) for execution.
Bank account particulars for release of funds directly to the concerned agency if available.
Copies of the minutes/Office Notes placed before internal committees i.e. Building committee, Finance committee etc. Upload Multiple docs if required.
1 (7).PNG
Copies of minutes/office notes approvals by Finance Committee.
1 (6).PNG
Copy of the project approvals from the Board of Governors or Executive Council.
1 (8).PNG
Balance Sheet Copies for last 3 years.
Any Agreements/MOU's entered with vendors
1 (5).PNG
Other documents112.PNG


Recuitment of Company Secretary on Contract Basis
Appointment one of the Merchant Bankers as Advisors to the proposed bonds issue for the FY 2019-20
Credit Policy
Test Doc
Annual Returns FY 2017-18
Covering letter
Authorisation letter of Institute
ID of Authorised Signatory
Details on going projects
New projects requiring funding from HEFA
Purpose and justification for taking up the project
Sample of Agreements/MOUs with vendors
Balance sheet last three years
Minutes of Finance Committee
Method and timelines for selection of Agencies
System for maintenance of the project
Systems for Project Management and Moniotring of quality and progress
Modalities for procurement and execution of the project
Approval for revision in cost for 11 on going projects
Brief details of the projects including area to beconstructed.
EFC approval
Financing window V
Commitment letter
Bog Minutes
test sanction on 28 feb
Test sanction on 28
Sanction for K S Krishnamurthy
Testing sanction
Office communication test file
List of Selected Candidates for various posts on Contract Basis
Shortlist for Senior Credit Analyst/PRO/Manager Establishment
Shortlist for CS/CFO on contract basis
Shortlisted Candidates for PRO/Manager Establishment/Senior Credit Analyst
Another message for employee 2
Test file for employee 2
Test file create for employee
Recruitment of Company Secretary on Contract basis
Recruitment of CFO on contract basis
Engagement of Retired Officials for various roles

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